If you're planning to host a dinner party in Dubai and you want to impress your guests there's nothing better to end your dinner than with a gorgeously designed slate cheeseboard. In this post, we'll give you everything you need to know and offer some suggestions on how to display your cheeseboard to the maximal impact.

Delicious Cheese boards in Dubai comes in a range of shapes, materials, and sizes. However, the most effective method to showcase your cheeses is with the Slate Cheeseboard, and in particular one with black. A slate-colored cheeseboard with a black slate provides the ideal backdrop to showcase the variety of cheeses that are colored along with a complimentary garnish that adds flavor to your table.

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When selecting cheeses for the dinner party in Dubai it is important to choose the best selection available in order to provide for the various palates that your guest. It's also essential to ensure that the cheeses are of high quality which is why buying from a reputable delicatessen or the deli counter at the local grocery store is recommended.

For starters, choose the best Cheddar which is either mild or mature, based on the taste. Red Leicester and Edam add an interesting color contrast as do blue cheeses such as Stilton or soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert.

Remove the cheese from the fridge at least one hour prior to the time you plan to serve it. This lets the flavor be developed. This is particularly crucial for soft cheeses that are best enjoyed at temperatures that are at room temperature. 

The traditional way to display cheese is as wedges, however, there are exceptions, like small goat's cheeses. If the cheese you purchased in Dubai isn't cut into wedges it is suggested to cut it into wedges prior to making your cheeseboard with slate.