Carpets and gums tend to bond well and it seems they have a love-hate relationship. But, do not panic. What if we tell you removing gum stains from your carpet will not be an issue anymore?

It’s a sticky mess to start with but it soon becomes a large unsightly stain that is tough to remove from the carpet. When it comes to removing gum, you’ve got 2 options – freeze it or dissolve it. 

Here are some simple methods on how WD-40 helps in removing chewing gum from the carpet.Lets’ dig in:

  • Freezing your gum problem

1)Place a few ice cubes in a zip lock bag and place on top of the chewing gum. This will harden the gum making it easier to remove. Leave for approximately 5 minutes

2) Remove ice, and, using a metal spoon or blunt butter knife, scrape off the hardened gum

3) Sponge the area where the gum was with a clean white cloth and WD-40

4) Blot with the cloth until there are no traces of the gum.

remove chewing gum from carpet

  • Dissolving Your Gum Problem

1) Wearing gloves, apply the oil product you have selected to a clean white cloth

2) Rub the gum area with the cloth and oil/dencorub, working into the carpet fibres to soften the gum and release it from the carpet

3) Use a spoon or blunt knife to scrape away the softened gum

4) Dispose of the gum from your knife or spoon each time you scrape, so you don’t re-affect the area

5) Once you have removed as much of the gum as possible, clean the affected area with dishwashing liquid and water. Clean thoroughly to remove the oil or Dencorub residue.

If none of this works, you may want to bring in the carpet cleaning experts.