If an air conditioner was not in use during the winter months, it might not function properly at the beginning of the season. It is highly recommended for the air conditioner to be carried out at the time of the annual spring cleaning.

One of the main reasons why the air conditioner won't perform well is that things get caught in air vents that can hinder proper airflow. It's essential to ensure that outdoor components are cleaned each year, as filters can become blocked easily. This is often hard to identify during an examination. You can visit https://www.berico.com/ac-repair-installation to get ac repair in Burlington NC from experts. 

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For split-system central air conditioning systems, condenser coils are prone to get clogged by particles. Homeowners can benefit from greater efficiency when they have their system tested in spring and in the fall. The savings you can make from this method will far more than pay the costs of inspection. 

There are many other reasons why you need air conditioner maintenance. If your system isn't running, verify whether the fan switch is functioning. Switch it off instead of auto. If the fan does not come on, you'll need to search for a defective fuse or an untripped breaker. Check all appropriate breakers as various parts of the system might be connected to different breakers.

The unit could be running out or low in Freon If the line is hot. If the line is cold or frozen, there's the possibility there's a blockage that must be removed. A regular inspection and cleaning will be able to determine this.