Innovative companies are pursuing new strategies like the PPA program to remove all obstacles to solar energy. This best solar power purchase agreement in Australia system manufacturer offers homeowners a solar power plant for rent. You no longer need to buy a system. 

Everyone will not be eligible and there is a long waiting list of prospective solar system tenants who have already ordered the system. The good news is that the process of evaluating your home for the solar PPA system is quite clear. The following instructions document what the average homeowner needs to do to consider installing a solar system.

Solar energy location assessment and energy audit

The energy audit, solar system design, and installation and construction process began with a home inspection by one of the company's engineers. 

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During this site review, engineers took batch measurements and house layout, recorded roofing materials and conditions, roof orientation to the sun, and evaluated current and possible shade factors that accumulate over time. 

Solar installers inform homeowners in detail about the installation period and what can be expected for solar system installation. They also provide an overview of the daily operation of the home solar system as soon as it is online. 

 In some cases, the solar system may not be suitable for a home. Excessive shade, unsuitable roof angles, or limited physical space for solar panels often do not allow the installation of solar power plants.