Hiring a debt collection agency can be an experience of a hospital or doctor's office manager who will be afraid to tackle. Many times, a manager will find themselves going through the end of the monthly financial statements or years only to realize how many unpaid bills they owe.

They understand that the method of contact, usually a monthly bill, does not produce the results needed to improve cash flow. Also, many doctors want to be able to work with patients so that they can have a continued relationship with the patient, but still get the money they owe to these services.

When a perfect debt collection services should be used to collect the debt and they are some items you should make sure to cover before you hire a collection agency.

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First, you must understand that medical bills are covered by the FDCPA. All agencies must be familiar and able to work within the guidelines set about by the FDCPA. Also, many times the customer will think of their debt does not get reported on your credit report, but they need to be educated that it would be reported if it goes unpaid.

Next, you need to have a policy that was established in the billing procedures that will educate customers’ interest, fees, or the cost of the collection that can be added on to the basic cost for the services performed. A simple way to do is to have it displayed in the office or waiting room and give a copy to each patient after the service has been performed.