Illuminating your home in Sydney is key to creating a feeling of spaciousness, adding value and life to your home. Skylights on the ceiling allow for more light than vertical windows. 

It is important to match the correct type of skylight with the roof type. Flat roof skylights are different from those designed for sloped roofs. You can buy skylights in Sydney from


To promote drainage, skylights for flat roofs will generally be domed. Flat roofs can be prone to drainage issues. These roofs will be susceptible to water pooling if flat skylights have been installed. Experts recommend dome skylights to be used for these types of roofs. If you are using a flat profile skylight, make sure it is pitched at a minimum of 1 inch per foot.

Also, it is important to make sure that the skylight's minimum pitch, as specified by the manufacturer, fits flat roofs. Sometimes a skylight might not be suitable for low-pitch roofs, or may only be used after adding a significant slope. This information is easily found in the skylight manual. 

Installations can be difficult for flat-roofed houses. However, purchasing from a reputed online dealer will give you the advantage of selecting from some of the most conveniently installed and trendiest designs in the market.