Many office buildings are not built for employee satisfaction. They cook in the summer and freeze in the winter, which makes getting dressed in the office much harder than just thinking about finding a shirt without wrinkles. 

The office manager or service staff should regularly maintain the boilers. Apart from being in charge of the radiators, the boiler also provides hot water for the office, which is essential for washing hands. You can opt for the best central heating and plumbing experts to repair or maintain your boilers on a regular basis.

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If your kettle does not work, you may be violating acceptable operating conditions and you may be reported by one of your employees who is unhappy and cold.

The kettle's annual maintenance is a minimum and you may be able to sign a maintenance plan that will carry out periodic checks of your kettle and will cover any breakage.

This can save a lot for the company, especially if it's a busy office and the boiler relies heavily on it. Many boiler companies have price quotes, especially for other companies at competitive prices. You can do a quick electronic search to find national companies with competitive bidding.

To meet national standards for working conditions, you need to ensure that your office has a constant supply of hot water and reaches a certain temperature. 

They can file a complaint against you if you don't meet these standards and your HR team – unlike your cool coworkers. Act now to maintain your steam boiler before the weather turns to fall and you have happy staff in winter.