Yes, they did move furniture, but that's only a fraction of their job description. Moving and storage companies employ most moving companies. That is, they handle furniture, boxes and appliances in the house. Some moving companies can work independently and be hired to go home to move items one by one, eg. move large furniture from one floor to another. 

When moving a company to work for a company, most of their work revolves around inventorying, packing, loading, moving to a new home, and then unloading goods. Visit this website to know more about furniture removalist work.

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This is no easy task. This is indeed a difficult job. There are lots of heavy lifts because you will often be standing on your feet. Emphasize that you will take the time to move household items and be on time for a new address, stretch and reach out. You need to be physically fit and have the stamina to do this work.

When the homeowner has packed the boxes, the moving company will inspect your home and put a numbered sticker on each box, furniture, and equipment it packs. You will then record these numbers on the inventory sheet along with the corresponding items that are assigned this number. 

Any items that could be scratched or eroded are wrapped in a thick blanket. All items are fastened and securely attached to the truck. This serves to avoid collisions during transport. One of the furniture makers is a truck driver who will carry your household items to your new home or apartment. Once you are in your new home, the moving company drops the truck and brings everything to your new home.