Some of the early signs and symptoms of dementia are forgotten and unable to tell what time it is.  Whatever it may be, it can be a depressing experience, mainly if it affects your everyday life. 

Fortunately, advances in technology have led to the development of tools that your loved ones can use to take care of time. You can find the best clocks for dementia patients via the web.

Clocks For Dementia Patients

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If you are looking for a watch for the elderly, there are different types, some analog and others digital. We have researched and reviewed several dementia watches in the mass market and we can say with confidence that our review has the best dementia watch.

Before we provide you with our list of some of the best dementia watches, start with the buying guide. If patients are unable to read digital clocks, there are analogs that are user friendly.

Digital clocks are loaded with various features including photo, audio recording and video. When dementia is in its early stages, a day clock is sufficient; however, when it becomes severe, more advanced options are ideal for use.

When a person is in the late stages of memory loss or dementia, they often have difficulty reading the clock. A simple clock with alarm settings is ideal because it can remind the elder what time of day it is. For example, morning, afternoon, evening or night.