A bubble hockey table is a piece of functional furniture. It is designed for play that will add entertainment to your home. The variety of styles gives you options of where to place the furnishing such as in a home, pool hall or bar setting. 

Your choice will also be guided by the type of game you will be playing like bubble hockey, chexx or ice hockey. There are many reputable manufacturers that are providing the best bubble hockey tables for sale.

A hockey table surface is usually composed of one thick sheet of slate. If you opt for a cheaper table, it will most likely have a particle board surface instead. If this material gets wet it will begin to break apart and warp making playing any game on it virtually impossible. 

The slate should be between three quarters and one inch thick for best performance. Felt that is used to cover the surface is generally composed of three quarters wool and one quarter fine cotton. This mixture ensures the balls roll smoothly. 

It is usually sold in different thread counts and the best is a high count. They are available in a wide range of colors and the color you choose should go along with the color scheme of the room.