The use of appropriate technology to increase productivity in all aspects of agriculture is a recurring theme throughout the strategy. Farmers are always at the forefront of innovation and the first to apply technological improvements to their farming systems. This applies not only to the farming activity itself, but also to the technologies that allow companies to thrive in the back office and optimize systems while increasing sales. 

Farm management platforms that help to run a successful business have become commonplace in most other industries. Those in the dairy industry recognize the potential of management tools, but have special requirements for such a system because of the unique characteristics of their company.

In addition to financial reporting and budgeting, invoicing, inventory control, employee payments, and tax subsidies, management software developed specifically for farms requires key functions such as cartographic detailing which enables truly scalable reproduction of farms with all important landmarks and infrastructure.  

The Paddock Log allows the card to be used as a production management log and to record operational activities, including spraying schedules and fertilization reports, among others. The forage budgeting function allows farmers to plan heating and stock policies for the coming season. 

Farmers can enter feed supply and demand to get a visual representation of the feed surplus. Inventory logs record information about flocks, groups or individual animals, making quality audits and compliance with traceability requirements easier.