Tracking costs is important both during and after a project. Although this may seem simple, it is crucial in construction projects. Different entities require different financial information. Let's take a look at the costs and see how Construction Management Accounting Software can help.

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Direct material can be either raw material like wood, wiring, paint and the like or assemblies such as plumbing fixtures, cabinets, lights fixtures, etc. It is any item where money is exchanged with a tangible, without labor. 

These items are classed in a separate ledger, as they can be purchased tax-free. This is why a profit and loss statement must be prepared.

It is also important to keep track of direct labor separately in your budget or ledger. The labor on a project can be either payroll employees, contract workers, or sublet employees. 

Construction Management Accounting Software must-have features that track labor and withhold taxes for payroll employees. It may also have an export option to make it compatible with payroll software.

Contract employees do not need to keep track of or take withholding. However, Construction Management Accounting Software software should have the ability to generate 1099 forms for work that are free from withholding. This software, like any other ledger, allows for easy review and retrieval at the end of the project as well as tax time.

The project may also include services, subcontracting, and sublets. They are similar to labor but, unlike direct labor and contract labor, they can be employed or contracted to others.