Craft vinyl for your personal cutter comes in many different colors, finishes, and sizes. The most popular type of vinyl for the Cricut user is the Oracal 651. This type has a water-based adhesive backing that allows more flexibility when placing on indoor wall surfaces.

Oracal 651

This type can also usually be removed from the wall within a two-year period of time without affecting the paint or leaving a residue from the adhesive. Matte is available in 65 colors, by the sheet, yard, and 10-yard roll.

Occasionally, the 651 mattes may not adhere properly to curtain wall types. This may be due to the texture, high-gloss or eggshell paint, or other wall conditions. If this type fails to adhere, a great alternative is the Oracal 651 with a glossy finish.

The 651 has a more permanent solvent-based adhesive backing instead of the water-based adhesive of the matte. You will find that the 651 is also thinner and more flexible allowing it to withstand warmer and colder outdoor temperature variations. 651 gloss is available in many colors, by the sheet, by the yard, and by the 10-yard roll.

If your project needs to be weather tested against extreme outdoor temperatures and conditions, then the Oracal 751 glossy outdoor vinyl is a great fit.

The 751 is even thinner and more flexible than the 651. It is great for outdoor sign lettering, especially on glass, plexiglass, metal, automobile finishes, and other substrates that will be affected by extreme outdoor temperatures.

As you would probably think, the longer the vinyl is guaranteed to last against outdoor elements the more expensive it will be. Knowing the different indoor and outdoor conditions your vinyl project may be exposed to will help you to choose the correct type, and using it as directed by the manufacturer will give you the most value for your dollar.