It's never possible for a boss or a member of top management to come into the office early and take firm action against those who are sluggish. It is also impossible to appoint someone who is impeccably accurate, in and out of every employee's time. 

There is no machine, device or equipment to record the whereabouts of employees which cannot be misled and has its own limitations. But when it comes to the use of today's employees' watches, it fulfils its purpose to the end and has almost no loopholes. You can also visit for cloud time attendance system online.

These hours can be placed at key entry points and each employee must penetrate their identity to register their attendance. Like these devices, ordinary card punching machines have been in use for decades. However, to access them, employees needed a card to enter, so they started using the cards interchangeably. While this type of fraud is heavily penalized, it keeps leaders on guard.

The technology used before the perforating machine was the use of time cards. These cards are not the best clock system, but they are protected against counterfeiting. However, when the clock ticks slowly, it reflects the wrong time in the employee's attendance plan. And this system soon lost popularity compared to the much better clock systems.

Sophisticated devices are also connected to a central device, by which employee entry and exit times are controlled. It's a computerized device and you don't have to manually check every shot taken during the day.