The kitchen stands at the heart of many businesses. If it is a successful kitchen, efficiently and safely produces good food, the business, whether it is a restaurant, cafe or hotel, will flourish. If the kitchen fails, the business will go down with it. 

Good service and a pleasant dining room will not make for a bad meal or a meal that is given only after excessive waiting. A major reason for the success, or indeed failure, of a particular prep kitchen is due to its design, and design is a complex matter.

Commercial Kitchen Design

Many factors have to be balanced to produce a satisfactory total. Is the right equipment installed in the right place to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of products? Are the potential traffic jam spots already identified and modified?

Does the entire operation comply with health and safety law and will it satisfy the environmental health officer? If it is a restaurant kitchen that is open to the customer, does it attract the eye? Above all is the kitchen achieved at a cost that does not disturb the financial stability of the business?

Hiring a team of professional commercial kitchen designers is by far the more creative option. They will have access to the latest software and will be able to build a 'virtual' kitchen with all of the chosen equipment installed so customers can 'walk'.