The Com-Paint Touchup Paint is easy to use and delivers a smooth and faultless finish in just one coat. Before you purchase paint for your car, ensure that you are familiar with the proper method to use them, or else it could cause problems for your work.  

Check the color first. Before you apply paint to the desired area then apply a little on any remote area. The color should match the application, and you're in good shape to use it like an expert. Here are the following proper methods to apply the paint properly to get the most benefit of it. You also look for the best quality spray guns in NZ via


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Preparing the surface before using the touch-up paint. To do this, you'll require a textured surface to rub off old paint, rust, polishes, etc. This will give a smooth finish to the desired surface. Make sure to apply masking tape to protect the remainder of the surface of the vehicle to prevent any spills of paint.

To treat minor scratches, soak Emery Pad EP-2500 with water, then gently rub the scratch with your fingers as you apply a small amount of pressure to it with your hands. Repeat the process until the scratch is gone. Then wait for your area let it dry.

For deep scratches, use Com-Fill Paste. Make use of a rubber applicator and apply light coats of paste to the scratch. Make sure to immediately clean off any excess paste. Let the paste rest for at most 30 minutes. With the aid of EP-400 apply uniform pressure to the area that will be covered by the area adjacent. Then, spray paint is applied to the surface.

When you've finished the application, spray Commerge-Finishing Solvent over the outer surface of the desired area so that the paint can blend with the surface. The area should dry for up to 72 hours. If the button for spraying becomes blocked, it is recommended to wash or replace the applicator's tip to prevent the paint to blot.

Follow these steps and you'll be accomplished in preserving shining your vehicle while creating a smooth appearance. Use a clean, dry cloth in the middle and rub it across the surface to bring back the shine. Give it a final stroke.