You probably know that outdoor rugs must be weather-resistant if you want to order them online. Have you ever thought about how good weather will affect your rug? Exposure to direct sunlight, like exposure to rain can cause damage to patio rugs. Patio rugs placed in direct sunlight can be damaged by the UV (ultraviolet rays) radiations. 

The UV rays can cause discoloration and fading, which will reduce the rug's useful life. Some outdoor tapis available on the market are UV resistant, so they can withstand this type of damage. Both positive and negative UV rays can have both good and bad effects. 

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These rays, for example, are responsible for the essential production and maintenance of vitamin D in human skin. However, long-term UV radiation can cause skin cancer. Because we live near the equator, Australians are more exposed to UV radiation than Europeans or North Americans. 

If you want to protect your products from the harmful effects of the sun, many consumer products are designed for outdoor use. UV absorbers can be added to paints, plastics, and other organic materials. UV absorbers, as their name implies, absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent any alteration of the molecular structure. 

UV absorbers are used in textiles such as outdoor patio rugs to prevent discoloration and fading. It is important to remember that all rugs fade with use and time. You may need to put your outdoor rug in the shade, regardless of whether it is UV-resistant.