Many bowling alleys are being constructed with higher-class standards. These include exclusive lounges and clubs that offer a sophisticated ambiance and design.

You can now enjoy your bowling trip in style. Take your dinner date to bowl. Not in a casual setting, but in a luxurious environment that will be treasured by her. Also, you can book the best bowling alley for birthday bash for your special one.

Many new venues are popping up. Bowling has been stereotyped as a loud and obnoxious place, where fun is the goal, not cleaning up the soda stains.

These places may not be the best for their purpose or are less enjoyable. Perhaps, though they're great fun, these places aren't exactly what you wanted for your luxurious trip. All that is possible to be changed. It is possible. Find high-quality bowling clubs close to you.

One example of the changes that are being made is the replacement of plastic chairs and ratty bench seats with velvet or leather sofas by their owners. Waitresses now serve wine and better snacks than greasy pizzas and soggy fries. Space is brightened by lamplight.

There might be darts and pool tables. But forget about the sticker machines and video games. There are many ways to entertain yourself. Some places have color-coordinating bowling balls and shoes. They also use curtains and sofas.

For example, five-star restaurants have been paired with luxury lanes which have enjoyed great success. These establishments are now "popping up everywhere," as one might put it. You might consider opening your own bowling business.

A place of poise and pins could be opened, offering high-quality food and elegant decor. There would also be lots of fun for everyone.