Love hazelnuts? Well, so does your skin. There is a feeling of ecstasy from hazelnuts. So why not indulge your skin in the same excitement. Hazelnuts don't only taste great, their cold-pressed oil provides amazing benefits for your beauty level. You can find the best natural hazelnut oil through online resources.

 organic hazelnut oil

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A hazelnut that is as big as marble is packed with vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium folate, calcium manganese, iron vitamins C, A E K, thiamine pantothenic acid as well as Niacin. 

The top positive effects of hazelnut oils on your skin are highlighted below.

Treating Skin Problems

Hazelnuts are a wealth of healthy flavonoids such as tannins and catechins which makes these nuts highly efficient Astringents. The astringent nature of hazelnut oil assists in absorbing oil from pores on the epidermis. 

This allows them to shrink, eventually healing blackheads, acne, and pimple. However, the antibacterial properties fight harmful bacteria living on the skin.

Protection from damaging UV rays

Another benefit of hazelnuts to the skin is that they act as a natural sunscreen to the skin, helping to block the UV rays from the sun. Because of the specific nature of hazelnut oil, it is an ingredient in many sunscreen creams and lotions. 

The oil of hazelnut is rich in vitamin E which is extremely effective in protecting the skin from the harmful consequences of the sun's UV radiation.