ASVAB has worked with more than a thousand colleges and universities. ASVAB students are full-time students who must also take military science courses. They also wear uniforms once a week and participate in drills and other exercises.

Training support program

The military offers three training programs: Training Assistance, tuition fund programs and loan repayment programs. Andy’s ASVAB Class performs a training support program that is offered to full-time soldiers. Each student can receive tuition in exchange for a full-time commitment. 

University funding programs are offered to candidates upon voluntary exit. Loan repayment programs vary depending on which area of military service you serve, but they all involve the military having to pay back your student loans.

Loan program

There are three loan programs to choose from; Military School, Colleges of Opportunity (SOC) credits, and credits earned through tests. Military school loans allow military personnel to obtain college loans while studying in the military field of their choice. 

It does not cost any students and only needs to be approved by one of the 300 military schools. Service colleges in service are a group of more than 17,000 colleges and universities that have agreed to transfer loans between themselves to the military and their families so that they can continue their studies even if they move.