Scoliosis is a disease in which the spine is twisted in an unusual and sometimes distressing way. It often occurs in adolescence and the typical signs are thigh or rib problems on one side or an odd gait. There are braces to help align the back properly. 

Alternatively, there are many scoliosis exercises that will allow you to strengthen your back muscles and position your spine, as well as relieve some of the common aches and pains. The following is a list of equipment essential for scoliosis practices:

Wall Lattice – This device may look like a ladder, but it still allows scoliosis patients to hang at various heights and also at various angles to correct abnormal curves in the spine. Often referred to as the Schroth method, this procedure is performed primarily on the advice of a physical therapist.

Weights – Building upper body strength is a must for people with scoliosis, as increasing muscle strength can help improve posture and balance significantly. Lifting weights is a great technique for creating muscle tone in both your arms and shoulders.

Exercise Equipment – Various equipment that is usually found near the gym is also useful for people with scoliosis. The most interesting equipment is anything that helps the arms, shoulders, and upper and lower back.

Yoga Pads – Yoga and Pilates are a variety of exercises and exercises that often focus on using bodyweight, as well as various supports to work the muscle tissue in the back.