A vein specialist is certified by the ABMS certificate of board-certified cardiovascular surgery as well as vascular surgery and interventional radiology. The specialists underwent intense residency training before they were able to obtain the board accreditation.

The specialists in veins also have interventional expertise that is characterized by techniques that are minimally invasive. They gained through various intense education programs.

Seek out a certified varicose vein specialist nearby to ensure you receive the correct treatments for your specific health condition.  If you need medical consultation for your vascular concerns VISP Vascular and Interventional Specialists of Prescott can assist you.

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You will receive the best care and minimally invasive treatments to treat different vascular issues with a quick recovery time.

A vein specialist is an expert doctor who is specialized in the treatment of varicose veins and the underlying issue called vein insufficiency. Ideally, your vein physician must have completed formal education in endovenous techniques during their training in residency and fellowship.

 A vein specialist who is certified will have the necessary training in the field of vascular surgery and interventional radiology, as well as interventional cardiology. An acknowledgement of competence is achieved through board certification for one or more of the specialties which is available to all the most discerning patients. 

Other specialties like internal medicine, pain management and family medicine don't have any formalized education in minimally-invasive or surgical endovascular procedures. The board certifications they have earned are highly coveted however, they are not applicable to the treatment of varicose veins.