Liquor pourers can be found in various sizes, colors, and designs. The right choice to fit your needs is important, and not only to measure the proper quantity of alcohol per serving. 

A lot of licensed restaurants and bars face more of a problem to resolve than losing alcohol drinks because bar staff is over-generous in their servings. They might also be more worried about fruit flies. You can protect yourself by using covers on your liquor. If you also want to invest in good quality liquor pourers then you can visit

How to Use a Speed Pourer in Your Bar

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Apart from the financial losses of the bottles of wine and other alcohol-based drinks, having flies swarming your customers doesn’t leave a positive impression. Sooner or later your reputation will be ruined and you’ll have to shut down your business. 

Don’t let this occur to you! Liquor pouring gadgets are just caps that shut off the bottle openings. Cut off the fruit fly’s food source and they have no alternative but to go. As with all living creatures that require nutrition, they also need food to live.

Liquor pourers can be shut off overnight with convenient covers, such as Fedora caps. The tops of pourers are constructed of durable plastic and can be placed perfectly overall regular bottle pourers. 

The patrons won’t notice them since they’re removed from bottle pourers before when the restaurant opens for business. Even though they’re tiny caps for liquor bottles, they are the perfect solution to the problem.